AMAR Ebtisam

PhD graduated
Team : Phare
Departure date : 09/13/2011

Supervision : Guy PUJOLLE

Co-supervision : BOUMERDASSI Selma

Location Services Management and Robust Geographic Routing in Mobile Ad hoc Networks

In this thesis, we provide some work necessary for routing in location-aware Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs),taking into account the special characteristics of such networks. Moreover, our contributions in this thesis lie on the area of location services and next hop-selection, that support geographic routing. A location service (LS) is responsible to make location information of nodes available. This service is used by a sender of a packet to obtain the location of the destination, this information is used to route the packet. In this context we have proposed to enhance existing and/or introduce new location service protocols by limiting the amount of control information exchange while keep accurate location information. We consider a set of attributes: scalability, handling mobility, robustness and energy consumption for mobile ad hoc networks benefitting from mobility prediction and network coding. The second part of our research in this thesis considers the local selection of next hop with the existence of location uncertainty and unreliable links and propose a Robust Geographic Routing that deals with these issues. Below, overview about our main contribution are presented.

Defence : 09/13/2011

Jury members :

André-Luc Beylot, Professeur IRIT/ENSEEIHT Toulouse [Rapporteur]
Francine Krief, Professeur LaBRI/ENSEIRB MATMECA Bordeaux [Rapporteur]
Guy Pujolle, Professeur LIP6-UPMC
Selma Bournerdassi, Maitre de Conférences CNAM/CEDRIC
Mathieu Jaume, Maitre de Conférences LIP6-UPMC
Eric Renault, Maitre de Conférences Télécom SudParis

Departure date : 09/13/2011

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