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Chefe de Equipe : Amal El Fallah Seghrouchni Campus Pierre et Marie Curie 25-26/414

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The MAS team focuses on the design of intelligent systems which are characterized by : - Intelligent agents : the MAS are autonomous, with cognitive abilities ( decision, reasoning, learning) and a reflexive behavior that enables them to act, observe their actions and modify them accordingly. - Agent interaction : the agents evolve in a shared environment and are open to users or other systems - System complexity : as a result of the two previous properties, agents are heterogeneous and can scale to very large numbers Main research areas of the MAS team (short and middle term) The MAS team studies the different questions of artificial intelligence arising in a collective context, which provide new research issues such as: - Multi-agents coordination (distributed planification, coalition generation, negotiation and consensus, collective decision) - Multi-agent learning and adaptation - Dialog, interaction and interaction protocols - MAS-based engineering - Multi-agent simulation These research areas can be applied to the following domains : Mobile agents, pervasive and ubiquitous intelligence, animated conversational agents, service-oriented architectures (SOA, WS, BPM), economics, simulation ( airborne missions, naval surveillance, etc..), interactive systems and games.

Cognitive Multi-Agent Systems : coordination, interaction, learning, languages and multi-agent platforms

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