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Nhóm nghiên cứu : PEQUAN - Performance and Quality of Algorithms for Numerical applications

Trưởng nhóm : Stef Graillat Campus Pierre et Marie Curie 26-00/313
Cùng chịu trách nhiệm : Fabienne Jézéquel Campus Pierre et Marie Curie 26-00/309

Giới thiệu ngắn

The domain of the PEQUAN team deals with computer arithmetic and scientific computing. The team has developed the CADNA library based on a probabilistic approach of round-off error propagation. The skills of the team cover:

Computer arithmetic, Rounding errors, Numerical validation, Numerical quality, Heterogeneous and multimodal data, Distributed numerical computing, Asynchronous numerical algorithms, Reliable results, Symbolic/numerical algorithms, Arithmetic operators for cryptography.

No envent planned at present.

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