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Подразделение : NPA - Networks and Performance Analysis

Axes : ASN (👥👥), SSR (👥👥), TMC (👥👥), AID (👥).

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Maria Potop-Butucaru Campus Pierre et Marie Curie 26-00/115

Краткая презентация

NPA team aims at developing a vision for the future Internet as well as designing solutions to shape and manage it. The target of the team is the control of ubiquitous, mobile and versatile networks that expand everywhere in our private and professional environments. The core of our work concerns problems related to multimedia and mobile networks, resource management, scalability, ambient networks, and content networking. Moreover, significant work is developed in the area of Internet measurement, modeling and traffic engineering.

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Selected publications

  • D. Cicalese, D. Joumblatt, D. Rossi, M.‑O. Buob, J. Augé, T. Friedman : “Latency-Based Anycast Geolocation: Algorithms, Software, and Datasets”, IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, vol. 34 (6), pp. 1889-1903, (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) [Cicalese 2016]
  • S. Sundaresan, W. de Donato, N. Feamster, R. Teixeira, S. Crawford, A. Pescapè : “Measuring Home Broadband Performance”, Communications of the ACM, vol. 55 (11), pp. 100-109 [Sundaresan 2012]
  • J. Whitbeck, M. Dias de Amorim, V. Conan, J.‑L. Guillaume : “Temporal Reachability Graphs”, ACM Mobicom, Istanbul, Turkey, pp. 377-388, (ACM) [Whitbeck 2012b]
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