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Traits de Personnalité Computationnels: Enrichissement de la taxonomie FFM/NEO PI-R avec des gloses WordNet liées à des adjectifs de personnalité

Type : Journal Article

Year : 2012

Secondary Title : Technique et Science Informatiques

Volume : 31

Number : 4

Pages : 423-453

Date : "apr"

ISBN : 0752-4072

Abstract : We classify a set of personality-trait adjectives within the facet list of the NEO PI-R taxonomy related to the Five Factor Model. This process is based on the lexical semantics expressed by the synset-gloss attached to the adjectives in the WordNet lexical base. In order to make the arrangement of the glosses within the positions of FFM/NEO PI-R taxonomy computationally treatable, a phase of rearrangement in terms of so-called behavioral schemes is performed. This classification is synthesized as an XML resource, freely accessible on the Web, which provides a computer based support with good coverage for the study and the computational implementation of psychological behaviors in conversational agents.

Notes : 10.3166/tsi.31.423-453

Authors : Bouchet, François Sansonnet, Jean-Paul

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