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Clustering and Profiling Students According to their Interactions with an Intelligent Tutoring System Fostering Self-Regulated Learning

Type : Journal Article

Year : 2013

Secondary Title : Journal of Educational Data Mining

Volume : 5

Number : 1

Pages : 104-146

Date : "may"

ISBN : 2157-2100

Abstract : In this paper, we present the results obtained using a clustering algorithm (Expectation-Maximization) on data collected from 106 college students learning about the circulatory system with MetaTutor, an agent-based Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS) designed to foster self-regulated learning (SRL). The three extracted clusters were validated and analyzed using multivariate statistics (MANOVAs) in order to characterize three distinct profiles of students, displaying statistically significant differences over all 12 variables used for the clusters formation (including performance, use of note-taking and number of sub-goals attempted). We show through additional analyses that variations also exist between the clusters regarding prompts they received by the system to perform SRL processes. We conclude with a discussion of implications for designing a more adaptive ITS based on an identification of learners' profiles.

Authors : Bouchet, François Harley, Jason M. Trevors, Gregory J. Azevedo, Roger

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