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Challenges and issues with data quality measurement

Speaker(s) : Antoon Bronselaer (DDCM (Ghent))
Over the past years, challenges in data management having gained more and more attention. Assessment of quality of data is one such challenge that has tremendous potential. In this talk, we revise the current state-of-the-art about measurement of data quality and argue that there is a great need of fundamental research to establish formal systems for measurement of data quality. We revise a formal framework that was proposed very recently and expresses quality in an ordinal manner. We then show the role of uncertainty modelling within this framework. We conclude the talk with revising the role of fusion functions within systems of measurement of data.
Antoon Bronselaer is assistant professor at Ghent University and member of the DDCM research group ( Over the past ten years, he has been conducting research in the field of data quality, with an emphasis on the application of uncertainty models.
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