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Linguistic summaries of process data

Speaker(s) : Anna Wilbik (Eindhoven University)
Linguistic summarization techniques make it easy to gain insight into large amounts of data by describing the main properties of the data linguistically. We focus on a specific type of data, namely process data, i.e., event logs that contain information about when some activities were performed for a particular customer case. An event log may contain many different sequences, because actions or events are often performed in slightly different orders for different customer cases.
We discuss protoforms that are designed to capture process specific information. Linguistic summaries can capture information on the tasks or sequences of tasks that are frequently executed as well as properties of these tasks or sequences, such as their throughput and service time. Such information is of specific interest in the context of process analysis and diagnosis. Through a case study with a data from practice, we show that the knowledge derived from these linguistic summaries is useful for identifying problems in processes and establishing best practices.
Anna Wilbik received her Ph.D degree in computer science from the Systems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Science, Warsaw, Poland in 2010. She is currently an Assistant Professor at School of Industrial Engineering, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands. In 2011 she was a Post-doctoral Fellow at Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, USA. In 2012 she participated in TOP 500 Innovators: Science - Management – Commercialization Program of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Her research interests include linguistic summaries, data analysis, machine learning, and computational intelligence with a focus on applications in healthcare.
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