Séminaire REGAL


Visualizing, Assessing and Re-Modularizing Object-Oriented Architectural Elements

Wednesday, November 18, 2009
Speaker(s) : Hani Abdeen

Title: ------ Visualizing, Assessing and Re-Modularizing Object-Oriented Architectural Elements
Abstract: -------- To cope with the complexity of large object-oriented software systems, developers organize classes into subsystems using the concepts of module or package. Such modular structure helps software systems to evolve when facing new requirements. The organization of classes into packages and/or subsystems represents the software modularization. The software modularization usually follows interrelationships between classes. Ideally, packages should to be loosely coupled and cohesive to a certain extent. However, Studies show that as software evolves to meet requirements and environment changes, the software modularization gradually drifts and looses quality. As a consequence, the software modularization must be maintained. It is thus important to understand, to assess and to optimize the organization of packages and their relationships.
Our claim is that the maintenance of large and complex software modularizations needs approaches that help in: (1) understanding package shapes and relationships; (2) assessing the quality of a modularization, as well as the quality of a single package within a given modularization; (3) optimizing the quality of an existing modularization.

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