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Nghiên cứu sinh (Trợ giảng, Sorbonne Université)
Nhóm nghiên cứu : BD
Ngày đến : 01-03-2018
Địa chỉ : Campus Pierre et Marie Curie
    Sorbonne Université - LIP6
    Boîte courrier 169
    Couloir 25-26, Étage 5, Bureau 502
    4 place Jussieu
    75252 PARIS CEDEX 05
Tel: +33 1 44 27 87 56, Ke.Li (at)
Ban lãnh đạo nghiên cứu : Bernd AMANN
Đồng hướng dẫn : NAACKE Hubert

Topic Extraction and Alignment for Large Scientific Document Collections

A topic evolution map represents the evolution of science by a set of topics over a sequence of time periods were topics from different periods can be aligned through specific evolution links. The goal of this thesis is to develop a scalable workflow based on efficient algorithms and data structures implemented on top of big data infrasructures for exploring large scientific document collections, such as Web of science and building interactive maps for representing the evolution of science.

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