RAAD Patrick

PhD graduated
Team : Phare
Departure date : 01/04/2016

Supervision : Stefano SECCI

Co-supervision : GALLARD Pascal

Protocol Architecture and Algorithms for Distributed Data Center Networks

While many business and personal applications are being pushed to the cloud, offering a reliable and a stable network connectivity becomes a challenge for both cloud providers and users. In this dissertation, we study networking protocols, algorithms and communication strategies for distributed data centers. We propose a user-centric distributed cloud network architecture that is able to: (i) migrate virtual resources between data centers with an optimized service downtime; (ii) offer resilient access to virtual resources; (iii) minimize the cloud access latency. We identify two main decision making problems: the virtual machine orchestration problem, also taking care of user mobility, and the routing locator switching configuration problem, taking care of both extra and intra data center link states.
We evaluate our architecture using real test beds of geographically distributed data centers, and we also simulate realistic scenarios based on real mobility traces. We show that migrating virtual machines between data centers at negligible downtime is possible by enhancing overlay protocols. We then demonstrate that by linking cloud virtual resource mobility to user mobility we can get a considerable gain in the transfer rates. We prove by simulations using real traces that the virtual machine placement decision is more important than routing locator switching decision when the goal is to increase connection throughput: the cloud access performance is primarily affected by the former decision, while the latter decision can be left to intra data center traffic engineering solutions. Finally, we show how we can take profit from multipath transport protocols for accelerating cloud access performance in our architecture, and that existing link-state intra data center routing solutions can pilot the routing locator switching logic.

Defence : 12/14/2015

Jury members :

Olivier FESTOR (Inria) [Rapporteur]
Thierry COUPAYE (Orange Labs) [Rapporteur]
Christian JACQUENET (Orange Labs)
Jean-Louis ROUGIER (IMT)
Nicolas Aubé (Celeste)
Pascal Gallard (NSS)
Stefano Secci (LIP6)

Departure date : 01/04/2016

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