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The LIP6, Sorbonne University and French National Center for Scientific Research (UMR 7606 Sorbonne University - CNRS), is a computer science research institute dedicated to the modeling and the resolution of fundamental problems driven by applications, as well as to the implementation and the validation through academic and industrial partnerships.

LIP6 addresses these challenges within its four research axes :

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ERC - European Research Council: Grants

Las subvenciones ERC Grants permiten a los directores de investigación reconocidos como excepcionales de cualquier nacionalidad y edad realizar proyectos pioneros de alto riesgo que abran nuevos caminos en sus respectivos campos de investigación o en otros dominios.

  • Eleni Diamanti : ERC Starting : Quantum Superiority with Coherent State (QUSCO).
  • Antoine Miné : ERC Modular Open Platform for Static Analysis (Mopsa).
  • Julien Tierny : ERC Consolidator : In-situ Topological Reduction of Scientific 3D Data (TORI).

Previous ERC obtained in LIP6


Previous Professorships obtained in LIP6

  • La classe virtuelle, comment ça marche ?
  • Motion contre la LPPR

    Motion contre la LPPR

    Le LIP6 adopte une motion contre la Loi de Programmation Pluri-annuelle de la recherche

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